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99 red balloons
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Music Clubs Broadway Joe's. 3051 Main St. 836-9555. www.bjoes.com . Mon.: Rockgrrl Mondays hosted by Amanda Amico, 9 p.m. Tues.: Open mic with Todd from Swagger, 10 p.m.

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A & S Express Dental Lab, 5910 1/2 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, 37209, Suren Musayelyan Aaliyah Abdullah, 3213 Rainwood Dr., Nashville, 37207, Aailyah Abdullah Action Interiors, 3131 Boulder Park Drive, Donelson, 37214, Bobby Lane Advance Auto Parts #6453, 314 Gallatin Pike North, Madison, 37115, Michael Coppola Alexander Graphix, 1237 Plymouth Avenue, Nashville, 37216, Chris Alexander, Founder ...

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Big things are expected of local girls as well 
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While Brick Township girls indoor track and field coach Bill Brunner remains low-keyed about his team and treats the season as a primer for the higher profile outdoor season, coach Jessica Jones is excited about her Brick Memorial team right now.

'Perfect Strategic Fit': Alliance Data Systems To Buy DoubleClicks Abacus Division 
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Alliance Data Systems reported yesterday its plans to buy DoubleClicks Abacus division for $435 million, giving the company a foothold in e-commerce and an extended customer base. Abacus 525 employees will be integrated into Alliance's Epsilon unit.

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Historical Artifacts Sale Has Everything, Including the Lincoln Sink 
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Paul Hirneisen comes across a lot of historical pieces in his job as an auctioneer for the House of David auctions, but he never expected to see a portable sink that was used in a train car built for President Abraham Lincoln.

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99 red balloons

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Here is an article on 99 red balloons.

99 red balloons
"99 Luftballons / 99 Red Balloons"
Single by Nena
from the album Nena / 99red balloons 99 Luftballons
Released 1983 (Germany)
1984 (North America)
Genre Pop
Length 3:53
Label EMI
Writer(s) Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen (music)
Carlo Karges (German lyrics)
Kevin 99 red ballooons McAlea (English lyrics)
Certification Gold 99 red ballloons (RIAA)
Chart positions
  • #1 (United Kingdom)[1]
  • #2 (United States)
  • #1 (Germany)
  • #1 (Austria)
  • #1 (Switzerland)
Nena singles chronology
"Nur geträumt"
"99 Luftballons"

"99 Luftballons" is a protest song by the German singer Nena. Originally sung in German, 99 red ballones it was later re-recorded in English as "99 Red Balloons". It is one 99 red balluns of the most successful pop songs by 99 red bloons a German artist in the world.

"99 Luftballons" reached number-one in West Germany in 1983. In 99 red blouns 1984, the original German version also peaked at #2 on the American Billboard Hot 99 red bluons 100 chart and the English language version topped 99 red balloons the UK Singles Chart.[1]


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History 99 red balloons mp3 99 red balloons lyrics of the song

While at a concert, Carlos Karges, the guitar player listen to 99 red balloons of Nena's band, noticed that balloons were being released. As he watched them move toward the horizon, he noticed them shifting and changing 99 red balloons german shapes, goldfinger - 99 red balloons where they looked nothing like a mass of balloons but some 99 red balloons - nena strange spacecraft. After thinking this, he wrote "99 Luftballons".

Both the English and German versions of the song tell a story of ninety-nine balloons floating goldfinger- 99 red balloons into 99 red balloons gold finger the air, triggering an apocalyptic overreaction by the military force. The music was composed by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, the keyboardist of Nena's band, 99 and red balloons while Karges wrote the original German 99 red balloons by goldfinger lyrics. Kevin McAlea wrote the English version, nena - 99 red balloons titled "99 Red Balloons" (which he wrote on an envelope, which he alleges he still who sings 99 red balloons has), which has a more satirical tone than the original.

  • Nena - 99 Luftballons excerpt (file info) — play 99 red balloons 7 seconds in browser (beta)
    • An excerpt from 99 Luftballons
    • Problems listening to the file? 99 red balloons go by See media help.

The song came during a period of 99 red balloons in german escalating rhetoric and strategic maneuvering between 99 red balloons nena mp3 the United States and the Soviet Union. In particular, its international chart success followed two events in 99 red balloons download Europe that raised fears of the Cold War becoming hot. First, in November 1983 the gold finger 99 red balloons Soviet Union misread NATO's annual Able Archer exercise as an actual preparation nena- 99 red balloons for a 99 red balloons goldfinger lyrics nuclear strike and activated its own weapons for a preemptive strike. Although few outside the 99 red balloons nina Soviet Union understood the seriousness of the response, historians now consider it one of the closest calls with download 99 red balloons free nuclear war and a reflection of the war angst of the time. A few weeks 99 red balloons - goldfinger later, in January 1984, the United States deployed Pershing II afi 99 red balloons missiles in West Germany, prompting protests across western Europe.

In this song 99 red balloons context, Nena topped the UK Singles Chart with "99 Red Balloons" for three weeks, starting in 99 red balloons afi 28 February 1984. Strangely enough, download nena 99 red balloons in the United States the German version was more successful, charting at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. On gold finger: 99 red balloons March 26, 1984, it was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association goldfinger 99 red balloons lyrics of America, for shipment of over 500,000 copies.

Nena never had another hit happy hardcore 99 red balloons single outside listen to nena 99 red balloons of Germany, and therefore, is considered to be a very successful one-hit wonder artist in both the US and the UK. Channel lyrics 99 red balloons 4 placed nina 99 red balloons "99 Red Balloons" at #2 in their countdown of the 50 Greatest One Hit who sang 99 red balloons Wonders, while VH1 placed it at #10 in their list of the 100 Greatest One-hit Wonders. VH1 also put 99 red balloons nofx it at #73 of the goldfinger/ 99 red balloons 100 greatest songs of the 80's.

Curiously enough, another German language song topped 99 red balloons + goldfinger the American charts on the 1980s; Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus".

Preceded by
"Relax" by Frankie Goes 99 red balloons midi to Hollywood
UK number one single
February 99 red balloons piano sheet music 26, 1984
Succeeded by
"Hello" by Lionel Richie

Cover 99 red luft balloons versions

The song has been covered by numerous bands, including 7 Seconds, Me First and the gold finger - 99 red balloons Gimme Gimmes, Blondie in English, Siobhan DuVall, NOFX, Angry Salad, in German goldfinger, 99 red balloons by BEAT CRUSADERS and by Goldfinger in English 7 seconds 99 red balloons with a German verse. The German verse in the song is actually just the 99 red balloons free sheet music German version of the English verse which immediately preceedes it. 99 red balloons instrumental In essence, an entire verse (a humorous one involving Captain Kirk) is cut out and 99 red balloons remix is sung in neither English nor German. The latter cover was featured in several films, including Not Another Teen goldfinger: 99 red balloons Movie (2001) and Eurotrip (2004) as well as during various competitions in lyrics to 99 red balloons Nickelodeon's television words for 99 red balloons movie "Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand" (2002). Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine have also covered the song on their 99 red balloons - jerry reed I'd Like a 99 red balloons and nena Virgin 2004 album; this version actually contains gibberish lyrics sung in a pseudo-German accent in lieu of German lyrics.

Another popular cover 99 red balloons german version of this song is John Forté's Ninety Nine (Flash The Message) on 99 red balloons mid his 99 red balloons nena download 1998 Poly Sci album.

And Another popular cover of this song is the one of Reel Big fish 99 red balloons real in 2006.

Facts and Figures

  • The original title translates as "Ninety-nine Balloons" - "Luft" means "air" in 99 red balloons sheet music German. The colour red was simply download goldfinger 99 red balloons free added to make the English lyric scan, but many have assumed goldfinger 99 red balloons tabs that it referred to the perceived Communist threat, despite the fact that it does not appear in the nea 99 red balloons original lyric.
  • "99 Luftballons" was also used in nina - 99 red balloons a Telus commercial in Canada in 2003. This commercial featured piglets being lifted nina - 99 red luft balloons up by red balloons into the air, with the German version of the song playing what is 99 red balloons about in the background.
  • VH1 Classic, an American cable television station, ran a 99 red balloons and windows charity event for Hurricane Katrina relief in 2006. Viewers who made donations were allowed 99 red balloons auf deutsch to choose which music videos the station would play. One 99 red balloons blondie viewer donated $35,000 99 red balloons by nena for the right to program an entire hour and requested continuous play of Nena's "99 99 red balloons club version Luftballons" and "99 Red Balloons" videos continuously for an entire hour. The station broadcasted the videos 99 red balloons english as requested from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST on March 26, 99 red balloons english version 2006.
  • In a spoof of American Idol on an episode of the eighth 99 red balloons go by lyrics afi season of MADtv, parodies of Courtney Love,Wham!, and Bobby Brown, who are portrayed as washed-up celebrities, 99 red balloons goldfinger mp3 had to sing a song that "was originally song in German and had a 99 red balloons happy hardcore 99 red balloons lyrics wikipedia number, a color and something inflatable in the title" with the prize 99 red balloons meaning being the privilege of getting a new recording contract to fix their fallen careers.
  • This song has 99 red balloons nokia ringtones been parodied by a little-known performer named Tim Cavanagh. His 99 red balloons reel song is titled "99 Dead Baboons" and facetiously claims to be a "real" translation of 99 red balloons reel big Nena's song.

In popular culture

  • A cover version is featured 99 red balloons song lyrics in the European release of the 2004 video game Donkey Konga.
  • On the 99 red balloons soundtrack VH1 one-hit wonders special mentioned above, host William Shatner joked that this was the only song 99 red balloons techno version on the countdown to mention him. He was a midget holding 99 red balloons while riding a basset hound referring to the line: "Hielten sich für Kaptain Kirk." ("They thought that they afi - 99 red balloons mp3 were Captain Kirk.")(or in the English version, "Everyone's a Captain Kirk")
The song featured on an free myspace layouts 99 red balloons episode of Scrubs -- J.D. daydreams about him and Mr. Mueller (his German patient) dancing german 99 red balloons to "99 Luftballons".
  • Played in the 2003 French german songs; 99 red balloons movie La Beuze.
  • Played in the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • Referenced in hear 99 red balloons the 2006 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City lyrics 99 red balloons german Stories, where the player can search for 99 "hidden packages" in the form of red balloons.
  • Sung for a lyrics for 99 red balloons few seconds by Drew Barrymore in the lyrics to 99 red balloons by nena 1998 movie The Wedding Singer.
  • Played in the pilot episode of NBC's television series My Name is Earl.
  • It has lyrics to nenas 99 red balloons been featured in a Saturday Night nena 99 red balloons go by Live commercial spoof, advertising a smoke detector that plays the hits of the 1980s.
  • Played twice in "My Interpretation", the 44th episode of the nena 99 red balloons lyrics American sitcom Scrubs. Both nena 99 red balloons mp3 times, JD daydreams that dancing around in a title: 99 red balloons room full of red balloons while this song is playing could diffuse a tense situation.
  • Played in one of the climactic scenes of Boogie Nights.
  • Features in the reunion dance scenes of Grosse Pointe Blank.
  • Features as the closing theme for the BBC Radio 4 spoof panel game The 99p Challenge
  • Sung by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the movie Wedding Crashers as a deleted scene.
  • Played on the Australian countdown programme 20 to 1 on 13 February 2006, in the episode "20 to 1: One Hit Wonders". 99 Red Balloons was #8.
  • P. Diddy claims this to be one of his favorite songs.
  • Briefly quoted in the Guster song "Amsterdam"
  • Is included in "Weird Al" Yankovic's polka medley "Hooked On Polkas", on his album Dare to Be Stupid.
  • In the episode The Heartbroke Kid in The Simpsons, Homer sings this song (in German).
  • In 2003's Gran Turismo 3, Goldfinger's version of the song is used.
  • In Eurotrip (2004), Goldfinger's version was also used.
  • In the browser MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing, collecting 99 red balloons and letting them go into the sky all at once nets you a trophy.
  • Part of the song was played in a scene in Not Another Teen Movie.
  • Lorelai Gilmore listens to the song in the hospital when she is about to have Rory in Gilmore Girls.

See also

  • Norwegian rocket incident
  • Iran Air Flight 655


  1. ^ a b Roberts, David (Managing Editor) (2005), British Hit Singles & Albums (Edition 18), Guinness World Records Limited, ISBN 1-904-99400-8

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  • A triple side-by-side comparison of the German lyrics, a direct translation, and the English version
  • List of bands who have covered this song
  • 20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War
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The Buffalo News - Dec 29 6:05 AM
Music Clubs Broadway Joe's. 3051 Main St. 836-9555. www.bjoes.com . Mon.: Rockgrrl Mondays hosted by Amanda Amico, 9 p.m. Tues.: Open mic with Todd from Swagger, 10 p.m.
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New Year's EAST BAY Albatross Pub -- New Year's Eve Celebration with the Four Tet Jazz Group, 10 p.m.-1 a.m. Dec. 31. The show includes party favors. $10. 1822 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley. 510-843-2473, www.albatrosspub.com.

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Passaic County Foster and Adoptive Family Services is a statewide nonprofit organization that supports and advocates for foster and adopted children and their families. Membership is open to all.

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WESLACO - Students at Margo Elementary gathered under the playground's canopy, giggling and grasping bright red balloons.