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Big things are expected of local girls as well 

Brick Township Bulletin - Dec 27 3:04 PM
While Brick Township girls indoor track and field coach Bill Brunner remains low-keyed about his team and treats the season as a primer for the higher profile outdoor season, coach Jessica Jones is excited about her Brick Memorial team right now.
Fall All-League teams 
Rocky Mountain News - Dec 22 2:09 PM
Fall all-league teams as submitted to the Rocky Mountain News. Each league is responsible for the selection of the teams. If a team is not listed, it was not provided to the News.

Honor Roll 
Times Leader - Dec 18 12:08 AM
Brian Waite, Crestwood Middle School principal, has announced the first quarter honor roll. Editor’s note: This is a revised version that includes several eighth-grade students that the school mistakenly omitted from the honor roll that published on Nov. 23 in the Times Leader.

Sun Herald - Dec 16 9:40 PM
I've been thinking a lot recently about death, naturally. That happens when you lose someone close. I've long believed I was lucky not to have been touched by death in my 50-plus years. But that wasn't true, really. It's been there all along, as it is for us all.

- abbie winters

Here is an article on abby winters. is a pornographic or erotic abbey winters website and internet business founded by Australian photographer Abby Winters (born December 13, 1974). The website abbie winters sells erotic photography and video of amateur female nude models.


The website features models aged from 18 abbey winters gallery to 24, almost always with natural breasts (as abbey winters sites opposed to silicone enhanced), and frequently with pubic hair. The girls abbie winters sites begin the shoots wearing their own clothes and underwear which they gradually shed, and are often photographed in their abbey winters pics own homes and/or outdoor settings. Most appear in both still photos and abbey winters twins videos. Many models return for second and third appearances, which may be more explicit abbey winters video as they gain confidence. Winters is also sensitive to her models' needs, going only free abbey winters videos as far as they feel comfortable with, as many of the models have confirmed on the site's discussion boards.

The site is distinguished by the quality of the photography. Typically the pictures have a resolution of 1460 X 970 pixels, and extra-large images are often available. The lighting is natural, as far as possible, and much use is made of available props, such as an old armchair or colourful bedspreads or drapes. Unusually, sample pictures on the site's visitor pages have full-size photographs and one-minute-long videos that give a true picture of what is available on the site. The quality of the images is cited by review sites such as The Best Porn[1] as one of the main reasons for consistentently high scoring of the site.

In addition to solo photo and video presentations, also features girl-girl photos and videos of varying degrees of explicitness. The least explicit have the quality of a naturist video, with anything up to a dozen girls frolicking in swimming pools, waterfalls or on the beach. The most explicit, on the other hand, leave nothing to the imagination, but still leave out the posturing and screaming that is standard in much of contemporary pornography. The site does feature a very small number of boy-girl shoots, but Winters has indicated that this will always be a very small part of the site [2]. In some cases she has deviated from overt erotica altogether, focusing on her models' individual strengths and interests, such as a set featuring a professional dancer, or fire-twirling by a camp-fire. Frequently the models tell viewers about themselves, sometimes but not necessarily about their sexual tastes.

A major attraction of the site is a series called 'Intimate Moments'. In these videos a model masturbates herself to orgasm, usually alone, but sometimes with one or more other girls, or simply watched by another girl. The 'intimacy' is achieved by leaving the model alone in a room with a stationary camera. The viewer thus forgoes such standard features as close-ups, panning etc. but sees a girl who is uninhibited by the presence of a camera operator or director. The number of 'Intimate Moments' videos has increased considerably in recent years, and the feature has become so popular that it may become a separate site in the near future, as indicated by Winters on the discussion boards.

The site, which is updated daily, has been operating since October 2000 and is currently based in Melbourne. When the site opened, Winters was the only photographer. Lately, though, the work of other staff photographers has appeared, using the same philosophy of natural beauty and high quality. All of the images on the site are made by women - a rare occurrence in erotic photography. Also atypical is the active online community, which covers many topics in addition to sex and nudity. Subscribers, staff members (including Abby Winters herself) and models post frequently to the discussion boards.


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