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Maternal Diet During Pregnancy Can Impact Offspring For Generations, Study Shows 

Science Daily - Dec 28 6:08 AM
Children's Hospital and Research Center, Oakland, Calif., scientists are the first to show that maternal diet during pregnancy can impact obesity, diabetes and cancer issues in offspring for generations. It's no secret that a mother's diet could affect her children, but this study suggests it can affect grandchildren and possibly further generations. You may not only be what you may eat, but what ...
Twins and birth mom still missing 
The News & Observer - Dec 28 12:40 AM
Six days after they left for a court-sanctioned weekend visit with their birth mother, 17-month-old Apex twins have yet to be reunited with their adoptive parents.

Here's hoping for a profitable pregnancy 
St. Petersburg Times - Dec 27 10:38 PM
You'll have to excuse pregnant women in Germany if they are doing their best to prolong pregnancies this week. In an effort to turn around a shrinking birth rate, the government has offered incentives of up to $33,000 to get in the family way.

Expectant German mothers delay giving birth to cash in on benefits 
The Scotsman - Dec 27 5:00 PM
HEAVILY pregnant German women are going to extreme lengths to delay giving birth until 1 January 2007 - because a new law will mean a difference of tens of thousands of pounds in benefits.

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Birth is the process in animals by which an offspring is expelled from the body of its mother. Different Pregnacy Birth forms of birth are ovipary, vivipary or ovovivipary.

In humans, Pregancy Birth the unborn offspring is called a fetus after its embryonary stage.


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Medical meanings

Newborn infant, just seconds after Oregnancy Birth vaginal delivery.
  • Childbirth is the process at the end of a successful Pergnancy Birth human pregnancy that results in a baby being born.
  • Natural childbirth is the technique of minimizing medical intervention, particularly anaesthetics, during childbirth.
  • Birth defect Pregnacny Birth is a physical or mental abnormality present at the time of birth.
  • Multiple birth is the birth of two (twins), three (triplets), four (quadruplets), etc., babies resulting from a single pregnancy.
  • The birth canal is the term used for the vagina during birth, as it is the route through which the infant passes during a vaginal birth.
  • Caesarean section or C-Section is surgical birth through the wall of the abdomen.
  • Birth control methods are devices, medications or behavior patterns to reduce the probability of pregnancy. Birth control pills are contraceptives which are taken orally.
  • Infertility treatments are devices, medications, or behavior patterns to increase the probability of pregnancy.
  • Birth pangs are the pains felt by the mother during labour, resulting from contractions of the uterus and pressure on nerves and organs.
  • Premature birth is the birth of an infant before the full term of pregnancy.
  • Stillbirth is the birth of a dead fetus or an infant.
  • Birth trauma is a theory in some branches of psychology and alternative medicine that the baby experiences extreme pain during the birthing process and that this pain influences the child later in life.
  • Rebirthing is a branch of alternative medicine.
  • Lotus Birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after birth so that the baby is left attached to its placenta until the cord naturally separates

Legal meanings

  • Birthday is a day to celebrate that the person has lived a certain number of years. It is an annual event based either on the anniversary of a person's date of birth, or on astrological birthtime calculations.
  • Birth certificate is a legal document describing details of a person's birth.
  • A nuclear family comprising the father, mother, brother or sister, is an institution where the members are related by birth.
  • A person is considered of illegitimate birth if he is born of parents not legally married to each other.

Spiritual meanings

  • Astrology is based upon the belief that an individual's life is influenced by the geocentric positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets in the sky or below the horizon at the moment of birth; a natal chart is calculated using the exact time, date, and place of birth in order to try and interpret these cyclical influences on a person's life.
  • Virgin Birth is the Christian doctrine that asserts that Jesus Christ was born to a virgin, and thus that His conception was carried out without an earthly father.
  • Born again, a term used primarily in Protestant Christianity, is associated with salvation, conversion, and spiritual rebirth.
  • Rebirth is a belief that a person is born again after death based on the karma of his previous births.

Metaphorical meanings

The term birth is used metaphorically to refer to a beginning, especially of a natural phenomenon, one that is impressive in its scope or complexity, or one that is viewed favorably.

  • Stellar evolution is the field of study that deals with the birth of stars and their lifecycles.

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