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2006 - The year of celebrity scandal 

New York Daily News - Dec 28 1:23 AM
Doogie, Lance Bass and the guy who plays George on "Grey's Anatomy" were not the only things to come out in Hollywood this year. There were also many intriguing stories, delicious scandals and engrossing surprises to emerge from Tinseltown.
The tale of Mr Justice Cold Heart 
Daily Mail - Dec 28 1:39 AM
He's an eminent QC, earning £800,000. She's the ex-trainee he fathered a love child with. Yet from the moment his son was born, he's treated them both shamefully. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we present....

The tale of Mr Justice Cold Heart 
Evening Standard - Dec 27 3:31 PM
The goose no doubt had been fattened nicely in readiness for the festivities at the handsome 173-acre country estate of David Cocks QC. As a silk of the highest repute, and the sixth highestearning barrister in the land, he could afford to indulge himself at Christmas with his family.

Christmas, military style 
The Post and Courier - Dec 25 2:27 AM
In Ashley Massey's Charleston Air Force Base home, some Christmas gifts remain unopened. Some are for her husband, Senior Airman Jason Massey, and some are for 20-month-old Emily to open once her father returns in the new year.

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