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The thrills are alive: Gwen Stefani's new disc 

Canada.com - Dec 05 7:31 AM
Gwen Stefani. "I'm just an Orange County girl living in an extraordinary world," sings Gwen Stefani on her new album, The Sweet Escape . But it's a safe bet this world would be a little more ordinary without Stefani in it.
Bradenton Herald - Dec 01 12:16 AM
Hundreds of area teens are expected to be at Palmetto High School's auditorium from 6 to 9 p.m. today for a youth rally called The Gathering.

A Bit Nasty to Women, But Respectful to Dishware 
The New York Sun - Nov 29 10:33 PM
John Currin's new show draws a sharp distinction between sex and sexiness. There is more explicit erotic action on view than in any images hitherto by this avid courter of controversy, and there is sexy paintwork to boot. But, instructively, you don't find both on the same canvases. His hard-core images are delivered with a ho-hum perfunctoriness that often enervates his surfaces. But rare and ...

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