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Here's hoping for a profitable pregnancy 

St. Petersburg Times - Dec 27 10:38 PM
You'll have to excuse pregnant women in Germany if they are doing their best to prolong pregnancies this week. In an effort to turn around a shrinking birth rate, the government has offered incentives of up to $33,000 to get in the family way.
Mahomet couple surprised by premature birth 
The Champaign News-Gazette - Dec 26 6:38 AM
MAHOMET – Considering that she'd had a trouble-free pregnancy for her first two trimesters, Lori Moore was surprised when she suddenly started feeling abdominal pains in the sixth month. The next surprise for Lori and her husband, Shannon, of Mahomet: Their baby son, Will, arrived three months early – too tiny to leave the hospital and with severe breathing problems for the first two months of ...

Expectant German mothers delay giving birth to cash in on benefits 
The Scotsman - Dec 27 5:00 PM
HEAVILY pregnant German women are going to extreme lengths to delay giving birth until 1 January 2007 - because a new law will mean a difference of tens of thousands of pounds in benefits.

Not Your Father's Potato: Scientists Develop New Spuds For Organic Markets 
Science Daily - Dec 27 3:06 AM
Whether they have a new, ruby red color, taste better, or better resist insect attack for purposes of organic production, researchers at Oregon State University are evaluating thousands of potential selections of potatoes for possible production in the Pacific Northwest.

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