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Maternal Diet During Pregnancy Can Impact Offspring For Generations, Study Shows 

Science Daily - Dec 28 6:08 AM
Children's Hospital and Research Center, Oakland, Calif., scientists are the first to show that maternal diet during pregnancy can impact obesity, diabetes and cancer issues in offspring for generations. It's no secret that a mother's diet could affect her children, but this study suggests it can affect grandchildren and possibly further generations. You may not only be what you may eat, but what ...
Trust offers contraception advice 
BBC News - Dec 26 6:05 AM
Young people in Somerset are reminded that emergency contraception is available during the festive season.

Easy Access to Internet Risks Turning Us into a Nation of 'Cyber- Chondriacs' Warn Medics 
RedNova - Dec 28 6:14 AM
By Madeleine Brindley Welsh adults are in danger of becoming ill-informed hypochondriacs as they increasingly turn to the internet for answers to questions about their health, it is claimed.

Dangerous Parasite Gains New Attention In Battles Against AIDS, Bioterrorism 
Science Daily - Dec 26 9:07 AM
Montana State University researchers and their collaborators are gaining widespread attention for discoveries involving a common parasite that can threaten everyone from babies to AIDS patients. Toxoplasmosis is normally associated with medical advice that pregnant women avoid changing cat litter, but it's gaining new attention because of the AIDS epidemic and bioterrorism, the researchers said. ...

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