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Robotic Crawler Detects Wear In Power Lines 

Science Daily - Dec 27 3:07 AM
To your left runs a high-voltage power cable that is worn, but still physically sound. To your right runs a cable that looks identical, but damaged insulation means the cable is vulnerable to a short. Can you tell the difference? Even most power companies don't know the weak points in their electrical grids. And although lights get turned on after a storm, the long-term effects of hurricanes, ...
Tiny triplets get special care at hospital's neonatal center 
The Champaign News-Gazette - Dec 26 6:38 AM
URBANA – Curled up inside his nice warm incubator, Jacob Pickett opens his eyes wide and squirms – all 2 pounds, 15 ounces of him – as his dad reaches in to change his tiny diaper. Mom is busy at another incubator, changing the diaper of Jacob's brother, Zachary, and in a third incubator draped with a pink blanket, the boys' sister, Katelyn, is sleeping soundly.

The trouble with soy, part 3 
WorldNetDaily - Dec 25 10:13 PM
For many people, the most shocking new revelations about soy are not the increased risks of breast and other cancers [1-2], the link to childhood leukemia [3-6], the failure to prevent heart disease [7-8], infertility [9-10], or thyroid damage, with its symptoms of weight gain, fatigue and depression [11-13].

C-section: Birth and the road to recovery 
Mayo Clinic - Dec 21 9:38 PM
A C-section can be emotionally and physically challenging. Learn what happens during a C-section and how to promote recovery afterward.

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