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Advances in reproductive health 

Thoroughbred Times - Dec 27 8:05 PM
BREAKTHROUGHS in treating placentitis, the role of certain seminal proteins in conception, and links between blood flow to testicles and sperm production lead this year's research projects for reproductive health.
European And Japanese Satellites 'Talk' To Each Other 
Science Daily - Dec 04 6:13 AM
ESA's Envisat satellite and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) data relay test satellite Kodama have successfully completed an interoperability test demonstrating that scientific data from Envisat can be transmitted to Kodama and from there transmitted to the Japanese ground receiving station in Tsukuba.

Noise-immune Stethoscope Helps Medics Hear Vital Signs In Loud Environments 
Science Daily - Dec 01 5:13 AM
A new type of stethoscope enables doctors to hear the sounds of the body in extremely loud situations, such as during the transportation of wounded soldiers in Blackhawk helicopters.

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