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Ex-Gang Members Denounce Lifestyle 

The Morning News - Dec 28 12:21 AM
ROGERS -- Jaime Torres watched fellow gang members drink and party at the cemetery after a friend died.
Proudly pregnant 
China Daily - Dec 25 7:26 PM
With a baby on the way, a woman's body shape changes. But how to stay fashionable? Kate Monahan reports. "When pregnant women come in and say they want to hide their baby bump, I say `no, no, no'," says Joanna Ward.

The Good Shepherd [2006] [R] - 7.7.5 
Kids-In-Mind - Dec 22 4:46 AM
After being invited to join a secret society called the Skull & Bones on the Yale University campus, a young man (Matt Damon) becomes connected with people who eventually control many government functions, and he is recruited by the CIA as a covert operative in foreign espionage.

Scared, living a lie 
Detroit News - Dec 19 10:54 PM
Some teenage girls caught pregnant and unmarried in the 1950s to the early 1970s ran away rather than face the scorn and humiliation. Others broke the news to their parents behind closed doors. After tears and recriminations, the girls were pulled out of school and sequestered in maternity homes.

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