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Pet Owners Are Sick More Often And Exercise Less Than Other Working-aged People, Study Finds 

Science Daily - Dec 27 7:08 AM
A common perception is that pet owner is a young person who is full of action, exercises a lot, and actively plays with a pet, particularly with a dog. The reality is different, however.
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The Herald News - Dec 28 2:32 AM

Some questions shouldn't need asking 
Pocono Record - Dec 27 9:44 PM
Do you stop, ever, to ask whether professional skills are badly used? It would seem obvious that men are born with strengths they should not use, else running your car over the neighborhood pest asks only the question, "Do it?" — eliminating the critical question, "Ought I to do it?"

YOGA & PREGNANCY: 'Exercises helped me to have a natural labour' 
The Evening Telegraph - Dec 21 4:04 AM
Women are able to experience the benefits of yoga during pregnancy at a special class in the city. Ann Molyneux spoke to two new mums and a mum-to-be about its benefits.

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