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Ex-Gang Members Denounce Lifestyle 

The Morning News - Dec 28 12:21 AM
ROGERS -- Jaime Torres watched fellow gang members drink and party at the cemetery after a friend died.
Judge: AG can't prosecute Tiller for abortions 
WorldNetDaily - Dec 27 10:16 PM
A special prosecutor is being appointed to take over the case against an influential abortionist in Wichita, according to state Attorney General Phill Kline, who also confirmed that documentation in support of more than two dozen cases of child rape is being turned over to various local prosecutors around the state.

Acne knows no age limit It's more challenging to treat in adults 
The Morning Call - Dec 26 3:39 AM

T For Two: Scientists Show How Immune System Chooses Best Way To Fight Infection 
Science Daily - Dec 27 7:08 AM
A new study has suggested a novel way of combating diseases related to the immune system, including cancer and autoimmune diseases such as type I diabetes and arthritis. The study, funded by the Wellcome Trust, appears online in the journal Nature.

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