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Paxil Birth Defect Litigation - Battle of the Decade 

Sierra Times - Dec 28 3:51 AM
A year ago, the FDA reclassified Paxil from a Category C drug to a Category D for pregnant women. Category C is for drugs that have been shown to harm the fetus in animals. Category D means a drug has been found to harm the human fetus.
Marijuana may cause pregnancies to fail 
New Scientist - Dec 20 6:46 AM
Smoking the drug near the time of conception could sabotage a pregnancy, research in mice suggests – and a slimming pill may have a similar effect

IVF strike rate could more than double 
New Scientist - Dec 20 5:56 AM
A new method for testing the viability of human embryos before they are transferred to the womb could be a boon for prospective parents

Reproduction revolution: Sex for fun, IVF for children 
New Scientist - Dec 20 5:54 AM
Will we one day come to see natural conception as irresponsible?

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