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Acupuncture Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Acupuncture & Wellness Center - Profile of an Alternative Medicine and Holistic ... 

[Press Release] PR Web - Dec 24 12:13 AM
Charlotte Acupuncture and Wellness Center recently opened in Charlotte, North Carolina to offer personalized, holistic care to their patients. Board certified, licensed acupuncturists & herbalists Hope Peek, L.Ac. and Todd Trembula, L.Ac. have extensive training in Traditional Chinese medicine, classical & holistic acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Oriental nutrition. They have obtained ...
Bill would open business bathrooms to those with urgent need 
ABC 13 Texas - Dec 21 6:58 AM
Texas would join two other states that mandate access to employee-only restrooms for anyone with a pressing medical condition, including pregnancy, under a legislative proposal.

British woman with two wombs gives birth to three girls 
ABC 13 Texas - Dec 22 8:31 AM
A woman with two wombs has given birth to triplets, in what is believed to the first case of its kind, a hospital official said Friday.

Q: What's the Saddest True Love Story of All Time? 
Blogcritics.org - Dec 21 8:51 AM
A: In 12th century France, Fulbert, a priest of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, hired Abelard, a gifted but contrary theologian and Aristotelian philosopher, to tutor his brainy young niece, Héloïse. As you might have predicted, Abelard and Héloïse fell in love. What you might not have predicted (nor did they) is that Abelard impregnated Héloïse. When hearing of this, Héloïse's uncle ...

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