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The tale of Mr Justice Cold Heart 

Daily Mail - Dec 28 1:39 AM
He's an eminent QC, earning £800,000. She's the ex-trainee he fathered a love child with. Yet from the moment his son was born, he's treated them both shamefully. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we present....
The tale of Mr Justice Cold Heart 
Evening Standard - Dec 27 3:31 PM
The goose no doubt had been fattened nicely in readiness for the festivities at the handsome 173-acre country estate of David Cocks QC. As a silk of the highest repute, and the sixth highestearning barrister in the land, he could afford to indulge himself at Christmas with his family.

Holiday blues 
Standard-Examiner - Dec 18 12:22 AM
BOUNTIFUL -- Except for a few cheers when she shortened a homework assignment, students in Marci Lorenc's fifth-period geometry class were quietly focused Thursday on finding slopes and spotting congruent angles.

A single stitch saved my baby 
Daily Mail - Dec 19 12:08 AM
More than one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage or stillbirth and one of the most common reasons is a weak cervix. But a simple operation - cervical cerclage - can help prevent this. Here, Amy Crawford, 31, tells how the procedure saved her second child, while her surgeon explains how it was done

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