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Brietney Spears on Top Five 2006 Stories Countdown 

Moldova.org - 1 hour, 51 minutes ago
Number 5 Madonna’s adoption of baby David Madonna adopting any baby is newsworthy enough but the controversy around David’s adoption made it even bigger. Rumors were circulating about a possible adoption for a while but Madonna’s spokespeople frequently denied it, even when the adoption was confirmed by the baby’s living relatives. The legal challenge by human rights groups in the country and ...
The Top 10 Health Stories of 2006 
Fox News - Dec 26 6:15 AM
The top health stories of 2006 included global health issues like AIDS, pandemic flu and obesity, as well as the first-ever cancer vaccine.

2006 - The year of celebrity scandal 
New York Daily News - Dec 28 1:23 AM
Doogie, Lance Bass and the guy who plays George on "Grey's Anatomy" were not the only things to come out in Hollywood this year. There were also many intriguing stories, delicious scandals and engrossing surprises to emerge from Tinseltown.

Top Five Women’s Health Stories Of 2006 As Selected By The Society For Women's Health Research 
Medical News Today - Dec 26 12:16 AM
The Society for Women's Health Research announced the top five women’s health stories of 2006 today, as selected by its scientific programs staff. The list covers advances in research of particular interest to women and new sex-specific treatments.“The public’s attitude toward women’s health has evolved greatly since the Society was founded in 1990,†said Phyllis Greenberger, M.S. ...

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